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We are a nuisance wildlife trapping and removal company and only respond to calls for trapping and removing wildlife on private property. 


Contact your local government animal control center or the Virginia Department Of Game And Inland Fisheries if you are looking for help with domestic animals such as dogs, cats and household pets or wildlife on public property or roads.
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Wildlife Removal and Animal Pest Control

Wildlife Removal Services In Virginia

Call 703-721-4280 for a free estimate for wildlife removal in Virginia


At VA Animal Control, our Virginia Wildlife Removal and Critter Control Experts provide total options to remove problem wildlife and offer pest animal control. We provide animal trapping and removal services.  We fix animal damage and provide wildlife waste cleanup when required. We conduct a comprehensive onsite evaluation and inspection to determine and recommend actions house owners and companies can take to get out and keep wildlife from returning to your property.


Wild animals can be a huge difficulty to house owners and commercial properties in Virginia. Our service professionals have approximately 10 years of experience and handle nearly all kinds of wildlife animal removal problems for home owners and business customers. Our wildlife evaluation services help house owners, property management businesses and business owners locate issue areas that may be contributing to or attracting wildlife to their residential or commercial property.


If you are hearing unfamiliar noises in your attic or walls, such as scratching or scooting feet, then time is of the essence because animals can be extremely damaging to houses and structures. Wildlife critters are destructive to property, can be aggressive towards people and family pets as well as can carry illness. All of which puts you and your household or employees at risk when wildlife is in or near your house or business.


VA Animal Control responds to wildlife service calls
throughout all of Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland.

Wildlife Removal and Critter Pest Control Experts


Our wildlife experts are professional at finding, trapping and eliminating wildlife that have actually found their way into attics, basements, crawl spaces, soffits, chimneys, or any location of a home or commercial property.
Our Virginia wildlife services consist of:

 Squirrel Removal

 Raccoon Removal

 Bat Removal

 Fox Removal

 Snake Removal

 Skunk Removal

Raccoon trapping in Virginia

 Opossum Removal

 Mole Removal

 Groundhog Removal

 Bird Removal

 Rat Removal

 Dead Animal Removal

Exactly what does Wildlife Removal Service include?


Virginia wildlife services are generally delivered in 3 stages: 1) Wildlife Trapping; 2) Wildlife Removal; and, 3) Wildlife Damage Repair and Environmental Remediation.


Wildlife Trapping Services


This is the foundation service for getting rid of wildlife from a home or commercial property. Based on the animal to be removed, specialized traps and bait are put out at locations that are recognized throughout the preliminary wildlife evaluation. Trapping services might be scheduled throughout a pre-determined service period, such as seven business days in order to catch all or as many animals as possible. At other times, catching an animal might be possible in a single day. Scenarios will differ.


Wildlife Removal Services


When wildlife has actually been caught the animals are eliminated from the home. The disposing of captured wildlife is governed by state, regional and federal laws and regulations. At all times, our wildlife specialists humanely deal with all captured animals and remove them with the security of the animal and surrounding neighborhood as our number one top priority. Disposition of dead animals (such as deer) are also controlled and handled with the very same issue for humane treatment.


Wildlife Damage Repair and Environmental Remediation Services


When wildlife has been removed it is essential to take steps to keep them out. Delaying or neglecting this service can result in wildlife going back onto the house. As well, harmful animal waste will continue to be a risk to the property and those people in it. Wildlife damage repair work consists of such things as screening, soffit repair, insulation replacement, roofing repair and even electrical repairs (animals love to chew things). Environmental repair work consists of things such as bird nest removal, trimming back trees and brush, filling up burrows and removing poisonous contaminated materials.

How Do I Get Wildlife removed from my House?


Search for a Wildlife Pro and Get a Free Consultation and Quote


Getting wildlife animals removed from your house or workplace starts with a call and consultation. At VA Animal Control, calling 703-721-4280 will put you in touch with one of our professional Wildlife Removal representative who can answer questions about residential and commercial wildlife services in Virginia. Usually, service appointments are set up for the following day. Nevertheless, depending upon what wildlife removal service is needed, some services can be performed on a same-day basis if a wildlife specialist is already working or has an appointment to work in the area. 


The wildlife removal assessment is straightforward. Be prepared with as much detail as possible. Here are a couple of things that will assist us in developing the basis of service needed for a wildlife service quote:

  • Where is the location of the home where wildlife removal services are requested? Is it apartment, business or rental unit?

  • Who is the point of contact for approving the work?  Be prepared with contact information such as cell phone and/or email.

  • Is there an alternative point of contact on site?  Will they be available onsite if indoor evaluation is required?

  • Have you identified what type of animal you need removed? Squirrel, raccoon, bat, snake, fox, skunk, rat, bird?

  • Where is the wildlife? Is it in the attic, chimney, under the house, burrowed in the yard, behind a wall, roosting in an eave or caught in a vent?

  • Does the wildlife pest present an immediate risk to family members or animals? Is it acting aggressively?


The initial assessment will result in a quote ONLY for Virginia wildlife critter trapping and removal work. Costs associated with services for environmental clean-up and damage repair are estimated AFTER an extensive onsite evaluation and inspection is performed.


Onsite Wildlife Inspection and Assessment Service


VA Animal Control professionals conduct an extensive onsite wildlife evaluation and inspection in order to produce a customized detailed strategy to trap and get rid of wildlife critters and nuisance animals. Our inspection consists of finding indications of wildlife in attics, outside and interior walls, siding, roofing and ceilings, all vents and exhaust systems, the building foundation and crawl spaces, outbuildings and any place critter problem or nest can be found.


Wildlife Inspections are conducted to:


  • Investigate onsite evidence of nuisance wildlife and critters that have actually attacked the residential or commercial property.

  • Identify and document damage and deterioration caused by the wildlife animals and examine options for top priority actions to get rid of animals.

  • Locate all points of entry (those that are noticeable as well as those concealed) to evaluate where and how varmints are getting in the home.

  • Identify wildlife and animal prevention techniques for immediate or future application.

  • Serve as a basis to price out the follow-on repair work and environmental services.


After the evaluation is done, the customized step-by-step strategy is confirmed with the home owner and a comprehensive written price quote is prepared for all repair services. The written price quote for repairs and remediation will include recommendations for repair actions to control and exclude wildlife from the Virginia property. It will identify particular repair work and recommendations for environmental clean-up and removal of polluted and dangerous by-products.


The estimate for repair work and remediation work is optional to the Virginia wildlife trapping and removal expenses. House owners can utilize the evaluation report to perform DIY repairs or as a guide to compare 3rd party quotes for repair work and remediation.


Finally, our licensed Virginia-based wildlife specialists will review VA Animal Control's exclusive warranties for our wildlife trapping, removal, and critter control and exclusion repair service. We can likewise arrange follow-up appointments for relentless and dangerous wildlife control issues.

Skunk removal Virginia

What Does It Cost to Eliminate Animals from a Property?


The expense of getting rid of wildlife from a house or commercial property depends on a number of aspects. Issues to consider when determining what the expense is for getting rid of wildlife and pest critters include:


  1. Types of critter. For example, critters differ by size, trapping methods and period of trapping.

  2. Where the animal is located. For instance, is it in a fireplace, attic, or a crawl space, behind a wall or in a living location? The trouble in getting to an animal has a direct bearing on prices.

  3. Condition of the animal. For example, is the animal ill? Aggressive? Dead?

  4. Time of year. For instance, exactly what are the weather conditions (winter/summer)? Likewise, throughout specific times during the year, particularly in the spring and fall months, animal are mating and having offspring. This may add to the cost of wildlife removal.

  5. Location and integrity of the residential or commercial property. For example, is the home simple to gain access to? Is there a couple of or many entry points for the wildlife to enter the property? Can wildlife barrier repairs be made quickly or will a more extensive repair be needed (such as soffit replacement or insulation removal and replacement).

  6. Expense of products and labor. For instance, if extensive critter damage has actually occurred then it is incumbent on the property owner or business owner to make repair work to guarantee the wildlife do not just go back to the "scene of the crime" so to speak. A competent critter pest control company will have the skills or resources to perform this repair work or call in the experts who can.

  7. Is it an emergency situation?  Emergency animal removal is readily available, particularly in dire and dangerous scenarios. Nevertheless, it is a pricey addition to the basic costs related to getting rid of critters due to the fact that it usually occurs over the weekend or outside of typical company hours. Whenever useful we recommend avoiding an "emergency situation" visit when the animals can be eliminated during the normal course of business and hours of operation.

  8. Federal and Local Regulations. To ensure the humane treatment of animals and the security of property owners and the community-at-large, there are regulations related to the handling and disposing of animals and carcasses.  These regulations may increase the cost of wildlife removal.

Wildlife Service Quotes

rat removal virginia

Quotes for Virginia Wildlife Removal service are separated into 2 different service quotes.


Quote 1 is only for the services related to trapping and removing wild animals and critters. This price quote is provided at the time of the initial assessment. It must take into consideration the factors affecting the cost of service listed above.


The 1st quote is a fixed price for trapping and removing wildlife and pest nuisance animals.  The quote is based upon details provided during the preliminary consultation and must be confirmed during the onsite wildlife inspection.

Upon approval of the service estimate the on-site inspection and assessment is scheduled along with the start of wildlife removal services.


The 2nd price quote is created after the onsite inspection and assessment. The wildlife inspection will create a specific list of recommendations for repairing damage and keeping the wild animals from reentering the property.


Quoted remediation and repair services are optional.


Nevertheless, our qualified wildlife professionals frequently have the products on hand and the abilities to do the repair and remediation work while onsite trapping and eliminating wildlife in the Virginia area.

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