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Wildlife Removal in Great Falls, VA

With over 14 years of experience, we can quickly remove any wildlife nuisance in Great Falls, Virginia.  We are your wildlife removal specialists for:


  • Raccoon Removal

  • Squirrel Removal

  • Flying Squirrel Trapping

  • Skunk Removal

  • Mice, Rat, and Rodent Trapping

Our local animal removal experts will answer the phone and head your way!

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Raccoon Removal and Control in Great Falls, VA


Raccoons are a very common nuisance to Great Falls homeowners. They will frequently enter homes, specifically attics, and can cause quite a bit of destruction. They are also prone to stealing pet food and tipping over outdoor garbage cans. They are active at night, so they’ll do the most damage when you’re not looking. If you are having issues with raccoons in Arlington, VA Animal Control can help with trapping and removal.

Great Falls, VA Squirrel Removal and Control


The Great Falls area brings various types of squirrels, which can be a nuisance and cause infestation issues. Eastern Gray squirrels tend to be the most common issue that homeowners have. These squirrels will live in the attics of buildings and give birth to their litters. They are expert chewers and will chew their way into homes and then destroy wires. Squirrels will also store their food and nesting debris inside homes.

Great Falls, VA Skunk Removal and Control


No one likes to deal with skunks, especially when it comes to their homes. Skunks are known for their foul odors and can cause odor issues during mating season. They will frequently choose to den underneath Great Falls homes, decks, sheds or porches. Skunks are nocturnal, omnivorous creatures and are not particularly fast. Your family dog may catch one and get sprayed, so it’s especially important to keep skunks away!


Great Falls, VA Mice, Rats & Rodents Removal and Control


Rodents are a very common complaint from Virginia homeowners. They will reside in various places inside of the home, including attics, basements and garages. Rodents can also be found in outdoor areas of the property, such as sheds, barns and cars. The most common rodents that Great Falls homeowners have issues with are Norway Rats, Roof Rats, Cotton Rats, Deer Mice and House Mice. They all pose serious problems to both the home and the people inside of it. These rodents can chew through structures and wires, leading to house fires. Their droppings also pose a risk of various illnesses to humans. It is imperative that a VA Animal Control professional handles the trapping and removal of rodents.


Fox Removal and Control in Great Falls Virginia


Foxes can be hazardous to Great Falls residents for various reasons. The biggest issue is the zoonotic diseases that they can transfer. In particular, foxes are carriers of rabies, which can put un-vaccinated household pets, or even humans, in danger of exposure. They also carry mange, distemper, parvo enteritis, roundworms and other diseases vectored by external parasites. Foxes are capable of harming livestock, as well as domestic pets, if left vulnerable and unprotected at night. It is especially important to have a professional trap and remove foxes

Beaver Removal and Control in Great Falls Virginia


Beavers are considered to be the largest species of rodent found in North America. Since they are rodents, they do carry similar risks of diseases as mice and rats. It is very difficult for someone who is untrained to try and eradicate a beaver infestation. It is important that you seek professional trappers who can locate and remove the beavers from your Great Falls home or office property.

Dead Deer Removal in Great Falls Virginia


Dead deer are often something you come across on the road. But, every once in awhile, they can end up on a residential or commercial property. If this becomes the case, it is difficult to remove their carcasses, especially if they died in an enclosed location, such as a shed, garage or underneath a deck. Professionals from VA Animal Control can ensure that the deer are removed safely, so that Great Falls homeowners have peace of mind

Dead Animal Removal in Great Falls Virginia


Dead animals can be a huge problem for Great Falls homeowners and businesses. Their carcasses can attract other animals and insects, which creates the possibility of secondary pest infestation. They are also unsightly and often produce a potent smell. Most importantly, dead animals pose health threats through a risk of illness or disease. It is not recommended that a non-professional try to remove a dead animal, due to the dangers involved. Call VA Animal Control if your Great Falls home or business is facing an issue with animal carcasses.

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